What is ENNE?

The word ENNE means premonition in Finnish. ENNE offers understanding and insight into the futures.


Values, consumer behaviour and the world in general is changing at an ever increasing rate and there is no data on the future.

ENNE collects information of interesting phenomena, benchmarks and changes taking place in target groups: Enne monitors closely reports that look into the future. We network and combine ideas from different fields of business. Observations, hunches and weak signals are then added to the ENNEtool-process.

ENNE uncovers the relevant directions of change. Instead of pretty pictures and generic language our approach is always focused on the client and the end user. We interpret the gathered information and turn it into tangible knowlegde, not forgetting the significance of emotions. At the deepest level of co-operation ENNE works on a detailed customer specific challenge providing concrete suggestions – or even helps to create new products or services.